Dagmar died August 12th 2014


“The future of Humanism”, an accelerating life stance.

We will start the meeting with Humanist news and a national update.

Dagmar Gontard-Zelinkova died at her residence on Baptiste Lake, on August 12, 2014.


Having lived in various countries on three continents, Dagmar considered herself a citizen of the world. Locally, she was involved with Baptiste Lake Association and Art Gallery of Bancroft. Dagmar was a freethinker and involved with various free-thought associations in Canada and abroad.  She was also a passionate and active humanist and secularist. Daughter of a physician and wife of a physician, she was interested in bioethics. Upon her arrival to Toronto in the eighties, she discovered a recently founded association, Dying With Dignity (DWD), and quickly became a member and eventually served for a few years on its board. Dagmar’s last public event, which was organized in Bancroft on October 26th, 2013, was about DWD. Memorial donations to DWD, FAREWELL FOUNDATION or Humanist Association of Canada would be gratefully appreciated.


Igor and Alexis BALLEZ, sons

She was an active member of the QHSA and will be greatly missed.

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June Annual QSHA picnic

Will be held this year at the Sabin’s Farm near Plainfield.  Directions will be sent out to members ahead of time. This will be a pot-luck lunch at 12 noon on Sunday 22nd June.  Some games – horseshoes, croquet etc will be on hand.  Bring mosquito repellant, sunscreen lotion etc.  No need to bring lawn chairs. BBQ is available if you wish to cook you own hamburgers, hotdogs etc.

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May monthly meeting

The next meeting of the QHSA will be on May 25th. “What is Humanism? The Amsterdam Declaration.

Place: Room P22, Business and Admin building, Loyalist College, Wallbridge-Loyalist Rd, Belleville, Ontario

Time: 1.30-3.30 p.m.

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Monthly meeting April

Sunday April 27, at 1:30 p.m.


Population Growth: Quinte, Canada, and the Globe? An open  discussion of perspective and options? Have we crossed the line to a “fortress” environment?


Loyalist College, Training and Development Center


Business and Administration Building, room P-22


Wallbridge-Loyalist Road, Belleville


All welcome, no charge to attend!


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Next QSHA meeting is Sunday, March 23rd


Is “sustainable growth” an oxymoron? Is economic growth sustainable?
This is a group discussion with guest participants:
Mike Nickerson, Author of Life Money and Illusions with
Louise Livingstone from Harvest Hastings and representation from Hastings Stewardship
www.harvesthastings.ca and hastingsstewardship.ca

Loyalist college, Business and Administration Building ( Old Pioneer building) Room P22, 1.3o p.m Sunday 23rd March.

You do not have to be a member of the Quinte Secular Humanists to attend. Coffee provided.

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Response received

We have received, February 13, 2014 an acknowledgment of our letter from the “Political Attache” in the Quebec Provincial legislature. Translation to follow.

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February meeting

1.30 p.m. Sunday February 23rd

Discussion and debate regarding the

Quebec Charter of Values legislation.

Loyalist College, Training and Development Center

Pioneer Building room P-22

Wallbridge-Loyalist Road, Belleville

Proposed letter:

Quinte Secular Humanist Association

c/o 553 Hinch Road, Newburgh, Ontario, Canada. K0K 2S0

Bernard Drainville

Minister Responsible for Democratic Institutions and Active Citizenship

875, Grande Allée Est
5e étage, Bureau H5.725
Québec (Quebec) G1R 4Y8


RE: Quebec Charter of Values, January 2014

Cher, Dear M. Drainville:

The Quinte Secular Humanists Association reaffirms its belief in the separation of Church and State and supports the intent of Bill 60. Our Association has agreed the following statement be publicly broadcast as a clear and succinct position on some of the components of your legislation.


 Public bodies must, in the pursuit of their mission, remain neutral in religious matters and reflect the secular nature of the State. Accordingly, obligations are set out for personnel members of public bodies in the exercise of their functions, including a duty to remain neutral and exercise reserve in religious matters by, among other things, complying with the restriction on wearing religious objects that overtly indicate a religious affiliation.  


As well, personnel members of a public body must exercise their functions with their face uncovered, and persons to whom they provide services must also have their face uncovered when receiving such services.

As Secular Humanists our position on citizen rights extends to a neutrality that allows “humans to respect humans” without governmental prejudice.


Our Association further agrees that a letter stating this support should be sent to Bernard Drainville, Quebec Minister responsible for Democratic Institutions and Active Citizenship with a copy to Humanist Canada and other Provincial Humanist bodies in Canada.


Thank you for launching this “key note conversation” in Quebec and Canada’s evolution to a modern and inclusive society.





Representing the Quinte Secular Humanist Association

Eric Thomas



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Message from our president, Eric Thomas

Hi all,
Simon Parcher has announced that I have been “unanimously appointed” to the “board” of Humanist Canada. I am to serve a term starting now and will stand for election in 2015.
As a representative from Ontario, I am also to “Chair” the Fund-Raising committee. Initial duties also include contributing to the “Google ad” campaign by developing catch phrases that will drive Internet searches to the National web site. Aphorisms anyone?
I consider this exciting news for my Humanist philosophy efforts! The hard work and efforts of QSHA are a contributing attribute that HC considered of my candidacy. And for this I sincerely thank each of you. Thanks.
So lots of stuff for QSHA to be proud of.
2014 will be a veritable evolution for us all!
Warm seasonal regards for all the QSHA families from here.animated_moving_image_snowmen_snowman Animated_Xmas_wreath_animation
President QSHA
HC Board
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Winter solstice party

Druids Celebrate Winter Solstice At Stonehenge

To celebrate the winter solstice, QSHA members and guests will be having dinner at the Beaufort Pub (formerly the Winchester Arms) on Saturday (not Sunday!) the 14th December at 6 p.m. The Beaufort is located at 173 Dundas Street East, near the TSC store and Rexall Drug Store. It is an English style pub and is nice and cosy with a fireplace,  at this time of year.

If you wish to participate in the gift exchange, bring a wrapped gift costing under $10. We will play a game with them.

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Quebec Charter

The Government of Quebec is going to put the Charte des valeurs québecoises (i.e. the laïcité bill) on the floor on Thursday. Courtesy of Michel Virard of Humanist Canada. Comments please.
Hold your breath: you should be warned beforehand that the Charter will draw an incredible amount of flack from most English Canada newspapers and even most French Quebec Newspapers, no less. Yet, despite massive propaganda against it, the Charter has the support of an overwhelming majority of the citizens of Quebec, and the Government knows it (we have been in contact with it).
For a time the Government was wavering and we were concerned that it would water-down its initial proposal to please too many nay-sayers or even withdraw it completely. That’s why we, at the AHQ, together with the MLQ and the CLQ, later joined by a section of the feminist movements (the Janettes), we have been building this incredible momentum behind the Chart. Our war machine, the Rassemblement pour la laïcité,  did work and is now more powerful than ever: we have now more than 50,000 supporters for our petition (and we have their e-mail addresses!!!) and still growing. This is most amazing since that, for about two months since mid-August, our adversaries (which included the main newspapers, and Radio-Canada) were pretty well certain they had killed even the idea of a Charter. No luck for them: not only the Charter didn’t die, it evolved toward a stricter model of laïcité.
Because, beside the comments from citizens and the polls done regularly by Bernard Drainville, the Minister in charge of the Charter, the government was also monitoring our web sites (they told us). I have the conviction that our Marche pour la Laïcité plus the unexpected late success of the on-line petition for the Charter made the decision of Drainville a lot easier: he knew he had the necessary backing and that, even with a minority government, he could expect to force at least one opposition party to go with him. Of course nothing is done yet, but it is a fantastic milestone that we are going to reach tomorrow: for the first time in Canada, a bill for the formal separation of Church and State is going to be discussed in a legislative body.
We live in interesting times, indeed.
Michel Virard
From the trench, in Montreal. 
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