March meeting Sunday 22nd 1.30 p.m

The March 22nd meeting of the QSHA will be at Loyalist College Room P22 at 1.30 pm . International Humanist and Ethical Union

Topic: “The IHEU” (Internationa Humanists Association) What are they all about? Latest news from them.

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February meeting Sun 22nd

Topic: “Does praying make sick people better sooner”?   Discussion

Time: 1.30 p.m Sunday February 22nd

Place: Room P22, Loyalist College, Belleville.

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Canada still has a blasphemy law

The IHEU (International Humanist & Ethical Union) of which Humanist-Canada is a voting member, will begin its worldwide campaign against blasphemy laws tomorrow morning. Yes, of course, we are part of it. Ireland, Canada and New-Zealand will have, sooner or later, to come clean on this subject. Western blasphemy laws are currently been used by theocracies to justify the unjustifiable such as the torture and/or execution of people for what they think and say.

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January Meeting Sunday Jan 24th

The radio show featured our president, Eric Thomas on the Canadian blasphemy laws.

In view of recent events in Paris, the next meeting will entail a discussion on “Free speech”, partly relating to current blasphemy laws in Canada.

It will be held in Room P22, Loyalist College, Belleville  pm Sunday Jan 24th a 1.30 p.m.



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Seasonal get- together, December 13th 2014


Seasonal , not quite winter solstice dinner at the Beaufort Pub, on Highway 2, Dundas Street, Belleville near the TSC store. 5 p.m. Saturday, December 13th.  Spouses, friends welcome. Order from the menu.

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November Monthly Meeting

Black PietThe next meeting of QSHA is at the usual place. Room P 22 Loyalist College, Belleville at 1.30 p.m. on Sunday 23rd November.

The subject will be “Christmas traditions around the world” as we have representatives from England, Scotland, Holland and Canada. This is of topical interest in regard to the recent “Black Peitr” controversy in Holland. What is offensive and what is not?

Everyone is welcome to join us for lunch at the Quinte Gardens Restaurant (Buffet Chinese), Bell Plaza, Belleville at 12 p.m before the meeting.

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During the discussion at the last QSHA Annual General Meeting, the topic of chaplaincy was brought up. Age Smies had apparently also discussed this at the Humanist Canada meeting.
It is understood that people who are seriously ill or dying in hospital have access to priests, pastors or imams if they are religious, but what if they are not? Who is there to comfort them and hold their hand if there are no relatives or they live too far away? We could possibly provide a secular “chaplain” to fill this role.

We will need to contact the hospital auxilliary to find out what is required in a “Chaplain”. If some of our members are also officiants for deaths, births and marriages, could they not also be chaplains? Perhaps at least a one day training session with a certificate to indicate passing the course, would be a good plan. Some counselling skills would be required. Helping someone come to terms with death without the possibility of an afterlife could be one of the services provided, but just being a friend and someone to talk to might be all that is necessary.

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Justin Trottier speaks at Dagmar Gontard’s memorial

Dagmar mem

Dagmar Gontard-Zelinkova’s memorial was held at the Art Gallery of Bancroft on October 19th 2014. Our president, Eric Thomas (Seen from the rear) was invited to speak on behalf of the Quinte Secular Humanist Association and Justin Trottier gave a presentation on behalf of the Canadian Secular Alliance in which he showed a video of Dagmar where he interviewed her in relation to her work in trying to prevent Christian prayers being held at council meetings in Ontario.

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QSHA Annual General Meeting and discussion

Will be held on Sunday October 26th at 1.30 p.m. at Room P22, Loyalist College, Belleville.

Please send nominations for officer positions to Eric Thomas, President.
The discussion topic will be: “What is the appropriate Humanist response to the recent terror attacks?”

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Dagmar died August 12th 2014


Dagmar Gontard-Zelinkova died at her residence on Baptiste Lake, on August 12, 2014.


Having lived in various countries on three continents, Dagmar considered herself a citizen of the world. Locally, she was involved with Baptiste Lake Association and Art Gallery of Bancroft. Dagmar was a freethinker and involved with various free-thought associations in Canada and abroad.  She was also a passionate and active humanist and secularist. Daughter of a physician and wife of a physician, she was interested in bioethics. Upon her arrival to Toronto in the eighties, she discovered a recently founded association, Dying With Dignity (DWD), and quickly became a member and eventually served for a few years on its board. Dagmar’s last public event, which was organized in Bancroft on October 26th, 2013, was about DWD. Memorial donations to DWD, FAREWELL FOUNDATION or Humanist Association of Canada would be gratefully appreciated.


Igor and Alexis BALLEZ, sons

She was an active member of the QHSA and will be greatly missed.

Memorial and slides of her life in Africa will be held at Bancroft Art Gallery in Bancroft, Ontario at 1 p.m. 19th October.

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