February Meeting 2018 Note Room change to P13


The topic of the next meeting will be “Political correctness”
Mark will present.
Place: Loyalist College Room P13
Time and date: Sunday 25th Feb. 1.30 p.m

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January monthly meeting

The next meeting of the QSHA will be held at Loyalist College, Room P22 (admin building)  on January 28th Sunday at 1.30 p.m.

Topic: Doug will present on fundamentalist Christianity in the political arena.

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2017 Winter Solstice Dinner


The annual holiday dinner will be held at the Beaufort Pub, Dundas Street, Belleville near the TSC store.

Time and date: Saturday 16th December at 5p.m .

Dress code: Ugly sweaters or Santa hats preferred but optional!

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November meeting and AGM

The next meeting which is also the AGM ,will be held on Sunday November 26th at 1.30 p.m in Room P22, Loyalist College Admin Building, Belleville, Ontario.

Andy and Ashley will speak on the subject of “Secular Education for Children”

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Motion M-103: Threat to Free Speech

Motion M-103: Threat to Free Speech


Motion M-103 was passed by the Liberal Government earlier this year.  While motions are not bills and usually don’t cause any change in government policy there are a few motions that have actionable sections.  M-103 is one such motion and requires the government to task a committee to examine religious discrimination in Canada and in particular to examine Islamophobia.  And though many complaints were rightly made that the term Islamophobia was not defined and should be clear the Liberals refused to do so.  The House of Commons Heritage Committee has been examining this right now and after conducting its examination of the issues will provide a report to Parliament, likely next year.  So why might this be a problem?


There is a real concern that recommendations from the Heritage Committee hearings, once concluded, might lead to policies that will restrict free speech and in particular make it more difficult to discuss Islam and criticize its ideological/political/cultural positions.  This is potentially very dangerous and threatens not only freedom of speech but Canada itself.  No religion deserves or requires protection from critique and analysis.  Canadians should be able to criticise any religious beliefs.


Let’s be clear.  Canadians rightfully should not tolerate hatred to any group nor religious discrimination.  Canada already has laws to deal with this and in addition laws to deal with violence perpetrated on any religious group.  We do not need laws restricting criticism of religion and in particular Islam.


I have included links below to provide more detailed information on M-103 and concerns about it and the Heritage Committee hearings.  I highly recommend these be viewed along with other sources providing fair and open critique of this important issue.  There are Muslims in Canada that are concerned with this threat to free speech and are openly critical of M-103 and/or the Heritage Committee process such as Tarek Fatah, Raheel Raza, Salim Mansur and others.  These people have written many articles and/or produced videos on the subject.  Many others have also provided information on M-103 and the reason to be concerned.  Please contact your MP to let them know if you have concerns about M-103 and the Heritage Committee hearings.


Other Sources:


C3RF – home page (you can find a variety of source material on this issue there on M-103 and the hearings)



Briefing Note for the Committee on Canadian Heritage: Witness Testimony on Motion M-103 by Major (Ret’d) Russ Cooper.



Also Major (Ret’d) Russ Cooper’s youtube video presentation on this issue



Mark Figge

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Next meeting Sunday October 22nd “Many windows…One light”

The next meeting will be held at Loyalist College, Belleville at 1.30 p.m on Sunday 22nd October.

The meetings are always on the 4th Sunday of the month, even if there are 5!

Eric and Clare will help us to discuss whether or not there is room for spirituality in Humanism, as theyCandles

will be attending a conference on that topic with religious groups representatives in Peterborough, Ontario, the week before. “Many windows…One light”

Anyone who wishes to attend this two day conference (free) should contact Eric for details. It is the weekend before- the 14th and 15th Oct

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September meeting Sunday 24th

SirJohn A  Sir John A MacDonald.

The next meeting of the QSHA will be on Sunday 24th September (the 4th Sunday of the month) at Room P22, Loyalist College, Belleville at 1.30 pm.
Those who wish to can meet first for lunch at the Chinese Buffet Gardens, Bell Plaza, Belleville. at 12 noon.

The topic will be “Have Canadian morals changed in the last 150 years?”

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Annual summer country lunch cancelled

Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, we have had to cancel this event. Sorry!



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Monthly meeting May 28th 2017

Our May meeting is may 28 at 1:30 PM Loyalist College Pioneer building room P22

This month we are reviewing a presentation our president, Eric Thomas, is making this Sunday in Lindsay at a “Peace Symposium” hosted by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

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Next meeting April 23rd 2017 Universal income

Apr 23 Quinte Secular Humanist Association invites you to join us at our monthly meeting Sun. at 1:30 in room P22 in the Quinte Business Centre, Loyalist College.

  The topic will be:  Has the time come for universal basic income?  presented by Doug Strong.

The Ontario government is planning to test a basic income program in several cities this year.  Join us for an afternoon of critical thinking.

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