Where we meet, Officers and Contacts

The Quinte Humanists are a group of individuals with a common interest in secular Humanism who meet regularly for social interaction and learning.

We meet the fourth Sunday of each month in the Loyalist College Training and Development Centre, Room P-22,(The old pioneer building) Loyalist-Wallbridge Rd, Belleville, Ontario 1:30 p.m.

Come and join us for fascinating films, discussions, lectures, etc. Free coffee.

(Affiliated with the Humanist Association of Canada)

Humanism is a philosophy and world-view for the 21st century. It is non-superstitious and non-religious. It does not accept notions of the supernatural. It holds that human beings are products of the natural world, that we alone possess the capabilities to save our planet from human-caused and natural disasters, and that we must accept the responsibility for doing so.  For more on what Humanism is about, see our constitution here.



Trenton – jburns@sympatico.ca or 613-392-1713

Napanee – egthomas@live.com or 613-388-2937

Kingston – dstrong@cogeco.ca or 613-389-5125

Belleville-  Luba Young

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