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“The future of Humanism”, an accelerating life stance.

We will start the meeting with Humanist news and a national update.

Our friend Dagmar Gontard passed away on August 12 2014. Dagmar was one of the QSHA founders. A true friend has left us with wonderful memories to share. The world is a better place for having had Dagmar in it.

Our respect and admiration will not diminish.

With deep respect we say Goodbye.

the QSHA family

April 27 Meeting: Population Growth: Quinte, Canada, and the Globe? A discussion of perspective and options?
Do we already have a “fortress North America” mentality?

Our next monthly meeting is March 23 2014, at Loyalist College, Pioneer Building, Room P22

A lively conversation on the subject of Economic Sustainability is expected. Bring your opinion to this important conversation for our legacy.

How do we change rampant growth to a “Sustainable future”? Will we be forced to change or will the next generation?

News from Canada’s National voice for Humanism, the Quarterly “Humanist Perspective” magazine, February 2014.

HP has added the Quinte Secular Humanist Association’s President, Eric Thomas, to it’s volunteer team as “Editor, Book Reviews”. In this role Eric will be responsible for choosing which books HP offers its members for review and editing the submissions. He will also write reviews or articles as needed.

“For a life long, book crazy reader, this is a dream come true”. “The chance to participate in Humanism through a written forum is an honour”.

January 26 2014   CANCELLED DUE TO SNOW.

New date for this meeting will be Sunday, February 23rd at 1.30 p.m

Discrimination? Persecution? An idea whose time has come?

Plan to attend this major event
A Major event!
QSHA holds a discussion regarding the Quebec Charter of Values.
Persecution, discrimination or an idea whose time has arrived?
A chance to participate in Canadian democracy

 Saturday Dec 14th Annual holiday party.

Note: Our meetings are generally held on the 4th Sunday of every month at Room P22, Loyalist College, Belleville, except in December and July and August.

partridgepear Large Web view

QSHA Xmas (Solstice, partridge in a pear tree, or whatever) party

will be held at the Beaufort Pub (formerly known as the Winchester Arms)  on Dundas Street, near the TSC store just East of Belleville. 6 pm Saturday 14th December.

If you wish to participate in gift exchange bring a gift, wrapped, suitable for anyone costing under $10. Once read books are OK! We  draw numbers and take turns choosing a wrapped gift, or “stealing” one previously opened. That person can then choose another gift. We will all pay our own bills at the restaurant (British style pub).

Sunday Nov 24th

This is our usual monthly meeting held in Room P22, Pioneer Building, Loyalist College, Wallbridge Loyalist Road, Belleville 1.30 p.m. Those who wish to can meet for lunch first at 12 p.m. at the Chinese Buffet Gardens, Bell Plaza, off Bell Boulevard, Belleville. Topic: Discussion on “Marketing Humanism” lead by Eric Thomas. Why are Christians so successful at marketing? Members are encouraged to bring amusing, sarcastic or satirical religiousphotographs to share. For example:

Funny Signs and Pictures: Funny Church Sign

Annual General Meeting

Will follow the regular meeting on November 24th.

Nov 1st 2013

The officiants associated with Humanists Canada are having their annual conference at the Fairfield Marriott Hotel in Belleville this weekend. The officiants are those who perform secular-non-religious-marriages and funerals. Members of the QHSA are invited to attend the free reception (including wine, cheese etc.) and meet the officiants on the Friday evening November 1st from 6pm-8.30pm. There is also a formal dinner, cost $40 per person, on Saturday evening at 6pm. Mike Nickerson is speaking on sustainability. Suits and ties for men and cocktail/evening dress for women please.

June 23 2013 Our Annual Picnic. This year returning to Massassauga Point Conservation Area. South from Belleville over the Bay bridge, left at County Road 28 for 1 KM, Left on Massassauga for 6 KM. All are welcome. Hiking trails, covered lunch area.

MAY 26 2013 Dying with Dignity Discussion with Allan Hammond plan to attend this important discussion “Life is about our Humanity and so is dying”

March 24 2013 Euthanasia and a Humanist stance Our collective responsibility for ourselves? March February 24 2013 at 1:30 p.m. “woo magic”, prophesies and other religious delusions. A respectful, if somewhat light hearted look at the more obscure beliefs. This will be fun and fast paced! While some are innocent delusions others are not and are quite seriously painful for thinking Humans. As always an interactive exchange is planned. Please plan to attend. QSHA QUINTE SECULAR HUMANIST ASSOCIATION Sunday January 27 at 1:30 p.m. AGENDA • Why marry in a church? The internal religious struggle between those that want their rules obeyed and those that want to help each other. • Humanist news and developments. Loyalist College, Training and Development Center Pioneer Building room P-22 Wallbridge-Loyalist Road, Belleville YOUR CHANCE TO PARTICIPATE IN A SECULAR FUTURE! Visit


November 25 2012 features: Humanist Spirituality, not an “oxymoron” News from the Secular Humanist World Secular Ontario update Be sure to attend at 1:30 pm at Loyalist College Join our Sunday September 23 meeting at 1:30 p.m. This month features a review of Humanist News and recent Humanist events All meetings are at Loyalist College Training and Development Centre, Room P-22, 1:30 p.m.  Everyone is welcome. Future Meetings this season (Spring 2012):

  • February 26
  • March 25
  • April 22
  • May 27
  • June 24

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At our meeting on January 22, three Muslims attended and we had a lively and very interesting discussion on “Prayer in Ontario Schools”.  We were all pleased to see the amount of agreement between us all although there were obviously some key differences.

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